JMM Beekeeping (PTY) Ltd

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About JMM Beekeeping (PTY) Ltd

JMM Beekeeping (PTY) Ltd is a Private Company located in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho: located in Saharan Countries, surrounded by South Africa, and member of SADC/Common Wealth Countries, United Nations. In Mafeteng District, one km from Main South 1 towards West of Mafeteng District, Wepener Road to Vanrooyens Gate (Catholic Training Centre).

Sole Proprietor of Sr. Julia ‘Masina Mafike H.C.P. (Handsmaids of Christ the Priest). Registered on the 4th June 2015, after producing and selling the products since September 2013, under supervision of Ministry of Forestry, Range, Soil and Water Conservation in Mafeteng District, according to the Ministry of Forestry JMM Beekeeping (PTY) Ltd started as a small company with a few hives; it established a rapport with the Ministry of Forestry, Range and Soil Conservation since the beginning. Now it has grown very big and well established. Its products are currently sold as far afield as Eswatini and many other SADC member states. It is now a centre of excellence in Lesotho. It provides training to the youth, emerging farmers, individuals, groups and organisations. Its rapport with The Ministry of Forestry is still very strong. Basotho Enterprises Development Corporation (BEDCO) put a lot of effort for Business Management Training; JMM Beekeeping (PTY) Ltd has gained its exposure to both local and International markets through EXPOs that were organised and supported by BEDCO. JMM Beekeeping (PTY) Ltd exports Propolis to South Africa, Eswatini and We have about 50 distributors.

JMM Beekeeping first engaged to the National University of Lesotho (NUL) during the most famous occasion in Lesotho, National University of Lesotho International Science, Technology and Innovation Conference and Expo (NULISTICE-2018) through invitation as one of the local companies. Now JMM Beekeeping friendship with NUL is great, there is interest by NUL to utilize the status of JMM of being a Centre of Excellence in Lesotho on beekeeping in a way to improve teaching, learning and research. The memorandum of understanding between JMM beekeeping and NUL through the Department of Nutrition has been signed. JMM beekeeping has committed to give an award to the best performing student in BSc Nutrition during NUL graduation Ceremony. Number of NUL students from different programs regularly visit JMM Beekeeping to learn about bees, their products as well as business in beekeeping.

Supported by Mr. Mohaila Jobo Mota (Lesotho), Mr. Frank Pinter (Australia), and Mrs. MB Lemoine (United States of America).

We produce the finest Bee Products in the World, among which are; Honey, Bee Wax, Bee Body Cream/Lotion, Lip Balm and most importantly Bee Propolis which is antibacterial, antivaral, antifungal, and antiprotozoal. Propolis has immune modulating and enhance metabolic activities of the body. May be good for fighting diabetes, cancer, hypertension, good for bones and stimulate blood vessel regeneration. We produce Honey Wine which is useful in relieving stress, maintaining body optimum body temperature, protection against cold environment and internal body cleansing.

Propolis was also tested and analysed for “fit for human consumption”, by University of Free State, South Africa; Lab Sample Ref. No.: CT18-040014-001